Hail To Fire

by Slaughtbbath

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/i/ Imagine if there were an album playing the killer tunes like Slayer's "Angel of Death" or Bathory's "The Golden Walls Of Heaven" from first to last. This is the one! Fast and outrageous black metal in the manner of South American black thrash Metal. Playing rawer but sounding higher quality than other Sudamerican black thrash. GREAT album and the best gateway to start war metal/ goat metal/ South American black thrash. Favorite track: Doomsday cenotaph.


released April 1, 2013

All music by Slaughtbbath 2008-2011
Lyrics by SelfDesecrator.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at DM6 studio by Pablo Clares during December 2011 - October 2012, Santiago – Chile.

SelfDesecrator: Bass & Vocals
SkullShredder: Guitars
Negro: Drums



all rights reserved


Slaughtbbath Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: Awakened to slay
We make the signs
We speak the words
We turn the key
We summon thee

Listen to the tyrannic sound
Of the greatest of all furies
Listen to the roar of the seas
Of titanic waves spitting wrath
Lightning whiplashes of the skies
From the wounds of the storming clouds
The ancient mountains rumble as
The raging beasts awake to kill
They no longer lie asleep
All shall fear their cursed names
Descendants of the dark stars
Blaspheming against the gods of men
Anxious to destroy your race
And to wear your cut off face
Bloody butchers of the night
Ye shall delight to slay

Listen to the piercing hymns
Heralds of the war to come
Undead legions head towards
With sword at hand, maces and chains
Coming from the blackest pits
Rising from forgotten tombs
Hungry for the taste of death
The winds burst with their breath
Raise your weapons forged to slay
Infernal steel forged in hate
March together with the hounds of hell
Mighty brothers of the black flame
Obscure gods older than time
Lust for war and violence
As bloody butchers of the night
We shall delight to slay

To Slay

Open your eyes once again
From the ancient sleep you are unchained
Free to rule this land once more
Spare no life, kill them all

Behold the trembling men
Feel the lust to kill again
Listen to their horror screams
One by one they pay their sins
Hear the chants of genocide
While the legions cross the land
Awake they burn with hunger for
Blood, vengeance from beyond
A storm of evil will fall upon
The doomed heads of the flock
Triumph of darkness for evermore
Woe to ye, lambs of god
No Salvation here exists
Serve in fear and die in pain
Bloody butchers of the night
Thou were awakened to slay
Track Name: Dethroned, burnt and spat upon
Dethroned, burnt and spat upon
Your head lies down my boot
Your only entourage of reverence
It’s now among the worms
Will to rule with cruelty,
To conquer and to kill
I lift my axe to split your skull
Hail victory!

I plunge my blade in your rotten blood
As ink that fills my pen
A warning shall be written
With blazing scorn in these walls
Beware the Death defiant,
Iron handed horde
The eternal flame of might
Dwells within our flesh

The throne where you believed to govern
Holds nothing but a scorched skeleton
The scepter and the sword at it sides
Are the stakes across the corpses of your children

I cremate and spit your body
I curse your empire and name
Let the survivors spread the word
Of the darkest force to be reckoned with
Track Name: True power knows no mercy
Bathe your eyes with fire
In the flame of the Master's light
As bestial gods of thunder
Purified To never look back
Wounded but not beaten
Forgotten but not dead
Children of the Dragon
Royal cast of old blood

Time to thrash with power
To leave no trace of life
Without opposition
As Tyrants to tread on mankind
No respect for weakness
No pity for your kind
Expect no retribution
No wet dreams in paradise

True Power
Knows no mercy
Compassion swallowed
By the insatiable pyre
Satan's sons
Knows no mercy
Dismember and mutilate, execute and exterminate,
The weakling shall perish in absolute pain

Sons of the breath of Fire
Raise your swords to kill
War must not be ended
Till there’s no blood left to spill
Track Name: Impale them
The rageful winds move our worn flags of battle
As venomous black serpents undulating through the sky
The torrential rain cleans the crusted blood of our faces
As we march for another massacre, to cut off heads and torture

Destroy everything and everyone in this trial
Behead the victims and expose them in their misery
As bleeding omens of the fate
That all our enemies shall suffer

They must perish by our hand
We must kill without retreat
Prepare the stakes for massive impalement

Impale them! Impale them with cruelty
Impale them! Impale them with hate
Tear up their feeble souls
With innate bestial savagery
Impale them! Impale them with cruelty
Impale them! Impale them with hate
Let their corpses lie high in the air

And anyone who oppose shall be penetrated
By twelve feet long horns and left to hang
As living forests of human garbage
Breathing in excruciating pain
As they descend to the bottom of Hell!
Track Name: Doomsday cenotaph
Hail the end, praise the victorious death
The 13 bells chime the morbid knell of doom
In these wastelands the ground opens wide
A mass grave of pestilence waiting for torn carrion

Deformed tentacles rising from the deep
As winged abominations furrow the skies
Vomiting horrid sounds with fresh bone-made flutes
Sardonic doomsday feast, Laus Hodie

I call to thee, old ones
Mine own flesh and blood
Hear me call your names
Ignite my dormant seed

Step down from your stellar form
And taste my offering
Come forward from the gate
Consecrate me with your fluids

Praise this glorious day
Where heavens burns in Awe
The Gods of Hell rejoice
In the stench of World’s downfall
The bleeding eyes that witness
Are crushed under cloven hooves
Piles of blackened garbage
Are trodden by Therion
Faceless tomb of man, Doomsday Cenotaph,
Banquet of human leftovers for bubonic rats

Born anew to the world the Dragon’s child comes forth
Return into this plane as the universe looking itself
To stare with such eyes is to die to all things known
Once the chains of slavery are broken
Track Name: Blackburn
Razor worship
Worship tool
Tool of trade
Trade the soul
Soul black hole
Hole of worm
Worm to conquer
Conquer all
All for Him
Him to trade
Trade the flesh
Flesh to rot
Rotting hole
Hole my flesh
Flesh not soul
Soul shall burn
Burn to black

Black burn


My dirty soul
Soul from flesh
Flesh dead shell
Shells are broken
Broken bonds
Bonds of life
Life to rot
Rotting blood
Blood the poison
Poisoned mind
Mind the gap
Gap of anti
Anti flesh
Flesh no goal
Goal to burn
Burn shall all

Burning back…
Black to burn…
Track Name: Burn the traitors
Prepare the Funeral Pyres
Gather the marked stones
Form a large orbit
To lit the sacred bonfire

Nail them at the cross!
Can you hear the prayers?
When their bodies stop to breathe
The voracious flames of Lucifer
Will embrace those who swore in vain
As we utter the final imprecations upon their tormented spirits

When the dawn arrives
Deserters are nothing but ashes
And charred bones for the hunger of the vultures
You’re nothing but a black stain in my fingers
After I congregate your useless spoil

Worthless scum, boil in the Iron cauldron
As the most miserable of all sustentations
You don’t deserve more retribution
Than to feed the insects without being buried


Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni
Fulget crucis mysterium
Quo corpus proditoris
Crematum est patibulo.

Once you have sworn allegiance to our law
Thou shalt never break the holy oath
Your weakness warrants your punishment
Fall to the bottomless pit
Where the fangs of His three mouths shall forever crush your soul
Track Name: Barbaric cruelty reigns
Barbaric Cruelty reigns
In these deserts of arid wilderness
Blessed by the stench of decomposition
Blessed by the secretions of flies

As we gather our weapons
Around this bloody table
Prepare the armors and the horses
Chant the fierce verses of hell
All thee, Gods of War, embody our steel
As a projection of your own titanic fists
For tonight shall be feed once more
By the life of all those weak

Draw and Quarter!
Pillage and Burn!
Hang them, disembowel and dismember
Emasculate, behead and chop them in four
Rape and burn their women at the stake
Feast upon their posthumous remains

Assassins, ruthless violators
We’ve been called
Burning black in our skin
We carry the mark of the devil

Barbaric Cruelty Reigns

Before we burn and spit your corpses
We’ll take your severed fingers
When we gallop back through the deserts
They will dry around our necks
As amulets of the conquering