Further down to the Depths

by Slaughtbbath

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Snyjxr The album is good, just not outstanding. It has some good riffs and the guitar tone is right, but the sound quality could have been better and songs here end up being predictable from time to time. I do not regret having bought this, but it's not among my favorites. Favorite track: The Grand Dialogue (Sepulchral Communion).
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DREW ELLIOTT Another "Name Your Price" gem..Black Thrash that goes down into the chaotic death territory. Favorite track: The Grand Dialogue (Sepulchral Communion).
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DAVITRON REX This band slays for days!


"Further Down To The Depths" is a double CD compilation Digipack released by Dybbuk Records. This digital version only features the tracks on the first disc.




released August 1, 2015

Tracks 1 to 6 recorded live at DM6 Studio, February 2014. Mixed and mastered by Pablo Clares. Exclusive recording for this release. Spoken voice at the end of Bestial Descension by IV - Temple Nightside. Guest vocals on Flame of the Conqueror by Johan Sahlin.

Tracks 7 & 8 originally taken from "Antichristos Thanatos", recorded live in DM6 Studio, February 2013, released as a split CD/LP with Hades Archer. The way that both songs join together with Wagner's funeral march is how originally they should have appeared in the split. Vocals on Mortal Paradigm were re-recorded in spanish in April 2014.

Track 9 taken from the Promo CD-R 2012 previous to the release of "Hail To Fire". It has a different mix and sound than the album version. Recorded in December 2011, DM6 Studio.

Tracks 10 to 13 recorded at Etagord Studio, December 2008. 10 & 11 appear on "Total Warlust" 7" EP 2010. 12 & 13 appear on a split cassette with Vultur (Sardinia), 2010.

Tracks 14 to 16 taken from "Furious as the Black Flames of Hell" demo. 14 & 15 recorded as a rehearsal at DM6 Studio on May 3rd 2008. 16 originally written by Impaled Nazarene. Recorded between San Vicente and Rancagua on June and July of the same year. This demo appears in 2008 as a split CD with Demonic Rage and as demo tape alone.

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded as a rehearsal at DM6 Studio on June 25th 2011. Previously unreleased. Recorded as a private demo before the official recording of Hail To Fire album.
Tracks 5 to 7 recorded live in San Bernardo on December 25th 2009. Taken from a split tape with Vultur, 2010.
Track 8 written by Kreator. Recorded in the session of Furious as the Black Flames of Hell demo, May 3rd 2008, DM6 Studio. Previously unreleased.
Track 9 originally appears as a bonus on the tape version of Furious as the Black Flames of Hell. Taken from the Pest of Execration demo 2007, with re-recorded voices in spanish in the year 2008.
Track 10 recorded on 2007, taken from the demo cassette Pest of Execration, 2007. It also appears as a split CD-R with Unholy Temple in 2008.
Track 11 written by Sarcófago. Recorded in the sessions of the demo Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy. Appears on a split cassette with Et Verbi Sathanus, 2006.
Tracks 12 & 13 taken from Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy demo tape. Recorded as a rehearsal by the band on 2006. 13 written by Hellhammer.
Tracks 14 & 15 taken from The Unholy Wrath of the Sacrilegious Reprisal demo. Recorded at Etagord Studio, 16-17 July 2005.
Track 16 taken from Rehearsal 2003, recorded in August of that year as a rehearsal by the band.

*Bass on tracks 9 & 10 by Skullshredder.
*Bass on tracks 8, 11, 12 & 13 by O. Iscariote.
*Bass on tracks 14, 15 & 16 by CM Butcher.
*Drums on track 16 by Apolyun.



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Track Name: Bestial Descension
The passion of the skull
Thought and shadow
In the putrefying wounds

Slash the stomach
Pierce the neck
Infested veil
Further down the Abyss

Crawling amongst the bodies
The feast of the blind worms
Rotting eyes no reflect
Alone to carve and eat
Sore deep and red
Feed me with thousand more

Skin and flesh
Muscle and bone
Melt and dissolve
Descend to the beast

Tongues of children, unformed limbs
Hanging from hooks of cartilage
That which was on the heights
Further down to the depths

I saw a form
Light doesn’t glimpse this call
The gods of the deeps

The carrion maggot will show
The shapeless taking a form
Wither, perish and blacken
The electric current of woe
Never could be imagined
But still able to be seen
Alas, here it's the sign!

Revolting nausea
Choking in dread
Fiery pits
The ultimate throne

Consume the fallacious oath
Devour that proliferous womb
Never ending sleep of perfection
Reborn into the eyes of darkness

Bestial Descension!

Putrid flies judge the weight of my soul

Bestial Descension!
Track Name: Barbaric Sacrifice
BARBARIC SACRIFICE Possessed by the spirit of wrath, stare to the bottom of the abyss In the prevalence of pain and violence, the abysm looks back Cutting the skin, burning the flesh, mutilating celestial offerings Sadistic immolation, slashing the whore and her white fresh meat. Feel this cruel ritual restoring the sacred place of blood Self punishment and liberation are just dejections of a rotten world Ceremonial disembowelment of agonizing crucified pigs Immaculate white has been bloodstained by the sanguinary cult. Barbaric Sacrifice, slay the lamb for Satan Barbaric Sacrifice, shed the blood for Him. Pain and pleasure, blood and damnation, darkened illumination Death shall be channeled by the evil superior will The urge for massacre must be satisfied, blood must be shed, fire must burn upon the alter. A blood lustful master feed his believers in this dark ritualized slaughter, ceremony of unholy catharsis Blasphemous rejoice in nocturnal rites, crush the blissful herd Fornicate the virginal cunt, raise the black horns in the blessed holocaust.
Track Name: Let Us Pray
LET US PRAY Follow the occult path of supreme power and deliver your soul Desecrate god’s creation, join the coven of impurity Devil worship, bestial devotion, bound to never break the oath Satanic blessings in the poison of the darkest magic call... Let us pray for the glory of darkness as we raise the chalice for Thy Lord. Drink the wine from the holy grail and praise the king of hell Mysterious incantations screamed forth in obscure faith Ritualistic summoning in the altar of flame and blood, enlightened by the gleam of candles Infernal servant, demonic slave... Let us pray for the glory of darkness as Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done. Glory be to the Lord Satanas, as it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
Track Name: Flame Of The Conqueror
FLAME OF THE CONQUEROR Infernal warlord, eternally glorious be your name of fire Master of darkness, come from the abyss, unleash your hell pyre Come to make war, to rule and destroy, to crush the messiah Hold high above your sceptre of flames, dethrone the liar. Open the gates, the jaws of hell, for your sovereign Might and strenght, power and hate burns in his veins The Emperor has come with sword in hand and wrath unchained The Conqueror arrives to enslave mankind, to reclaim His reign. Flame cleansing the world of man, storms of fire scorch the earth. Flame of the Conqueror attack! Cover the land with sulphur and flame, deflagration Pandemonic outburst, hell monarch’s attack, domination None can fight against His might, you’re condemned to die You cannot fight, you’re on His sight, It’s your turn to die. Incinerating the skies of gods, tyrant’s desire hell on earth. Flame of the Conqueror burns. Infernal warlord, master of darkness. Hail! The flame of the Conqueror.
Track Name: Sadistic Hatehammer
SADISTIC HATEHAMMER Holy whore of the earth, I will melt your eyes with the sperm of the antichrist Perversion ceremonial. Impalement of sacraments, crucifixion of humanity, mayhemic conflagration, stench of burning craniums. Evil acolytes baptizes the tender spirits of the children with boiling acid. Oxidized barbed wire squeezes the bleeding throat Blood-soaked hammer flagellate without compassion. Torture, revenge, deathlust, wrath, destruction, war, fuck the flock. Sadistic hatehammer. Evil acolytes raise the slaughtered libamen, carrion for the jackals of the abyss.
Track Name: Day Of Eternal Torment
Bleed the razor winds of the day of wrath
As the signs of doom has been revealed
Clouds of obscurity blacken the air and sun
Blazing tongues undulate as tentacles from beyond

Legions rise in fire and ride upon the earth
Immense power fed by the covenant's blood
For them was given pleasure for battle and weapons that claim for slaughter
Unstoppable march of devastation all across the world

The salvation that your prophets promised
Succumbed before black storms of Perdition
Condemned by Satan's demons
Summoned for torture with pleasure to slay
Immolation of decrepit pathetic lives
Blessed by the torment we all deserve

The one who emerged from the abyss
Command fever and plague to mankind
Rotten flesh towers of His great dominions
Bestial sacrifice of the demon's prey

Day of eternal torment

Dies irae, dies illa solvet saeculum in favilla

Oh, they still beg for salvation
But those disgusting prayers rather seem
Implorations for a merciful death
Boundless evil, Satanas torments eternally
Track Name: The Grand Dialogue (Sepulchral Communion)
THE GRAND DIALOGUE (SEPULCHRAL COMMUNION) Descent through the stairs, undercurrent of morbidity Obsessed with the fate, the fate of what is born Transmutation under a decrescent Luna Smelling the green miasma of wisdom emanating through the emptiness of mandorlas once shiny as blind. Committed to the grave. How to hide putrefactio with a single stone? Death’s perfume shall trespass and fill more than vigorous lungs Regardless of the honors, of the medals and the gold, these eyes that read will be devoured and all our larvae shall feast in materia prima. Imperfections removed by the purest fire. Memento, Homo, quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris. Cast out and exiled in rotting ghettos below the ground Interred and banished, the grand dialogue fell silent. But you cannot escape from my claws I am boundless; I am the crown of all Face the immense glory of the nigrida muerte negra mortuoria Never forget the dream of that which is dead. Those destined to be judged descend into our house and behold and tremble in fear Eschatologica timore mortis Saturnus shall make flesh depart Forego all thoughts of pleasure Embrace Her precious gifts. Now close the gates of time. Listen to the tomb, the voiceless words from beyond Within the Karnarium, to praise these blessed bones To resurrect and be clothed in grotesque glory at the παρουσία Open the doors to their vaults, come Deathantichrist!
Track Name: Mortal Paradigm
MORTAL PARADIGM Blessed cycle of plagues and black pestilence Total putrefaction, illumination, ascension My grotesque body dissolved with pests and epidemics This life meant nothing, this flesh is a shame Let’s scourge it and drown it, cut its hands, tongues and heads Let’s burn it mercilessly, curtail its limbs and make it one with the Devil. Oh Life, your grand mystery, my leprous sores reflected on your cross. Open the gate once more, glimpse the demiseless times Spirituphobia,
inessential matter, nonaether carcass, give yourself to the nothingness None must die, none can die, partake your guts and eat yourselves alive Gangrene forever in your only dimension, deny death and drink the elixir of suicide. No one will be punished neither rewarded, but even then you won’t escape, you shall become food for worms. Transcendental mortification Ascesis of the Materialist
Spiritual Inquisition. Mortal Paradigm! This was earthly death, to hell with this world Let's kill each other in rejoice, there's no life that matters in the end. Submit yourself to the will of nihil Give me your power and take up your chemical cross Steer clear of me, prohibit me Close your eyes Embrace your torture. Let’s honour and slay the gods Blaspheme the mage, the erudite and the blest The ignored one; a demon born to the world Nonsense Chaos prevails.
Track Name: Burn The Traitors
Prepare the Funeral Pyres
Gather the marked stones
Form a large orbit
To lit the sacred bonfire

Nail them at the cross!
Can you hear the prayers?
When their bodies stop to breathe
The voracious flames of Lucifer
Will embrace those who swore in vain
As we utter the final imprecations upon their tormented spirits

When the dawn arrives
Deserters are nothing but ashes
And charred bones for the hunger of the vultures
You’re nothing but a black stain in my fingers
After I congregate your useless spoil

Worthless scum, boil in the Iron cauldron
As the most miserable of all sustentations
You don’t deserve more retribution
Than to feed the insects without being buried


Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni
Fulget crucis mysterium
Quo corpus proditoris
Crematum est patibulo.

Once you have sworn allegiance to our law
Thou shalt never break the holy oath
Your weakness warrants your punishment
Fall to the bottomless pit
Where the fangs of His three mouths shall forever crush your soul
Track Name: Merciless Attack
We’re Warriors of Satan, Servants of Darkness
With burning Eyes, with Enemy in Sight
Marching with fury into the Battle
Fiercely attacking with hate and Savagery
Bodies turned to dust we will rejoice to see…

Possessed by Cruelty and Hate
Hateful Metal of Death
Victory of the Darkest Steel
Unholy Merciless Attack

Kiss our Swords as we fuck your world
Our Fury falls as Rains of Eternal Devastation
Daughters and Wives, Raped and Sodomized
Ripping the Flesh and Bones of our Enemies
Their lives turned to dust we will rejoice to see

Possessed by Cruelty and Hate
Hateful Metal of Death
Victory of the Darkest Steel
Unholy Merciless Attack
Track Name: The Endless Power
THE ENDLESS POWER Praised be the power to rule with the sword Praised be the power to conquer and kill Praised be the power to rule the upon the weak Under the sign of evil glory we must seek. Infernal hordes from the darkside with banners of hate held high Warlords ride across the skyline as apocalypse’s trumpets resound Bloodstream of fire and steel, soldiers of hell we are Black iron armours are shinning as you hear the gallop of hooves. The time has come for us to strike, the time is right to stand up and fight Blessed are the ones, the bringers of war, they shall be called
the sons of the Lord. Evil power of darkness The endless power. Power of evil Power of darkness
Power of eternal destruction. The endless power. Iron will to conqueror and kill, victory is ours Taste the sharp of our swords, cast your prayers and die Glory awaits our troops of hate Satanic might must be unfold Now is time to slay the weak, to unleash the powers of death.
Track Name: No Blood Left To Spill
NO BLOOD LEFT TO SPILL Forces of darkness raised and claimed vengeance divine; death to
mankind Face the cold winds of damnation, stare at your Gods and beg for salvation Putrid
cover the land as vultures feasts upon dead lambs we’ll turn the world into a pestilent grave of ashes and dust. Obscure days of sacred wrath, blackness engulfs the face of the earth Listen to
apocalypse’s knell Proclamation of the end The bell tolls resound above as the ancient ones howl from below The skies brings plague, the seas pukes blood Manifestation of the end. Horsemen of doom, harvesters of misery Destroyers of all, bringers of the end. Bestial archangels turn all
existence to decay Break the cycle of life, kill until there’s no blood left to spill. Devourers of life Devourers of death Anticosmic messengers of the Master’s plan. Almighty Goddess of cruelty burn this world with your bliss, exterminate the life till there’s no blood left to spill.
Track Name: I Am War Eternal
I AM WAR ETERNAL Life after life, death after death, burning in darkness, bearing the obscure light I hold the dagger in black brimstone forged tearing the flesh among all kings and slaves. I’ve forgotten the name that men used to give me I just remember the pleasure of the battle and the power, and glorious visions of victory and pain, of strength and iron, of hatred and bloodshed. I saw mighty empires sunk, I saw brave warriors fell As a phantom of elder days, I stand up where others escaped Never ending might in the edge of my rusty scythe I am the conqueror, destroyer and ruler of the worlds. Lord of battle, hear our call Lord of battle, hail to war! Lord of battle, we hear your roar Lord of Battle, destroy us all. My tomb is kept by the wings of the phoenix I lie in wait to wake up in fire The clash of raging steel, the crack of burning bones, as a warlike chant awake me. I am war eternal. None can escape my wrath unfold Dwelling in darkness with vengeance’s sword at hand I am ancient as time, fierce as the wildest beast Universal tyrant Wargod absolute.
Track Name: Templum Obscenum
Assembly of Orgiastic Demons
And Unholy Witches
Diabolic Congregation

Evil Apostles and Exalted Neophytes
Gathered with Lust in the Cursed Temple
Rites of Degeneration
Sacrilegious Defloration
Sacred Violation
Staining the Cross with Blood and Semen
Supreme Perversion of Impure Copulations

Raped Virgins Rebaptized by Satan’s Sperm
Obscene Apostasy
Ceremony of Bestial Sodomy
Fornication, Ejaculation, Abomination

Templum Obscenum
Chapel of Flesh
Templum Obscenum
Hail the Goat

Ancient Cult of Sodom and Gomorrah
Incest and Abuse
Carnal Pleasures
Of Morbid Rituals
Make lower what is low…

Templum Obscenum
Chapel of Flesh
Templum Obscenum
Kiss the fucking Goat

Witches Howl
Witches Dance
Witches kiss the Anus of the Devil
Osculum Obscenum
Track Name: Total Warlust
TOTAL WARLUST Furious as the black flames of hell, heading towards the battle War is declared,
resistance is futile, kill or fucking die! Listen to the chant of the Lords of war, fate must be drawn with the edge of the sword Cut the skies above, mark a sign of war, attacking from below, spilling the enemies’ blood. Gods of war we summon your call, let us feel the pleasure to kill Total warlust. Riding the winds of hate, cutting the weak’s head, filling the thirst of blood of weapons forged in the blackest fire Unsheathe your swords again and rejoice with their pain Let the world know the merciless power of the warriors of Sathanas. Gods of war, we hail your force, give us the might till death to fight Total warlust Total fucking war! We’ve come to spread terror and fear, this is the end of all love and peace. Impale their corpses, crush their Spirits Show no mercy.